The Perfect Croissant 🥐

My favorite pastry is the almond croissant. I still have dreams of the best almond croissant I ever had in a little cafe on a nondescript corner in Tel Aviv. Every bakery that I have the pleasure of entering must pass the almond croissant test regardless of their specialty. They can have incredible bread, scones, or muffins, but if their almond croissant doesn’t pass my palate test, the bakery doesn’t score a special place in my heart. I need flaky but not dry. It needs the almond paste with chunks of almond in the middle as well as on top. Few bakeries get this combination perfect. Most croissants end up being a little dry around the edges and lack that coveted flakiness that all croissants strive for. Or they end up being soggy (ahem, all chain bakeries/coffee houses like Starbucks – you would think they could have at least improved their pastry selections by now 😩.)

And the paste…the paste must be all about that almond flavor, not overpowered by sugar. An almond croissant needs to be sweet enough to pair with an afternoon coffee for a treat but not too sweet that it can’t be grabbed for a breakfast on the go. It’s a tall order for a humble croissant, but it’s attainable because I’ve experienced it before.

Le Panier in Seattle, Washington is one of the bakeries in the world that can deliver a delicious croissant.

They have a delicious almond croissant that I grab for breakfast whenever I’m in the city. It’s the perfect size with flaky edges and that punch of almond I’m always craving.

But they have something even better for an afternoon treat that changed my pastry world.

An Almond CHOCOLATE croissant. My mouth waters now just typing it. It rocked my palate the first time I tried it. It’s got all the reliable decadence of the traditional almond croissant, but it’s got a ribbon of bittersweet chocolate running through it like an indulgent tease. Its flaky on the edges, moist in the middle with the perfect amount of almond paste to chocolate decadence. It’s the perfect treat to pair with a latte as you stroll the city. Whenever I’m here, it’s my go-to treat.

Le Panier is an all around wonderful bakery. Not only have they mastered the croissant game, but they’ve also got excellent pistachio and pumpkin macaroons, incredible bread, and reliably good espresso drinks. It’s rare a bakery gets everything right, but Le Panier has mastered its game.

Seattle is known for its coffee and seafood, but in my travel diary, it’s also known for this bakery.

So if you ever find yourself in the downtown Seattle area, pop into Le Panier in Pike’s Place Market for a French treat. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, I might grab one more while I’m here just to be sure 😋😜…

If you have a favorite pastry or bakery, I would love to hear about it!

Happy exploring,


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